LET’S TALK LD (LTLD) ’s Parent Advocate Support System (PASS)

LET’S TALK LD  (LTLD) ’s Parent Advocate Support System (PASS) is a way to pay homage to our beginnings.  Our PASS program allows us to build supportive communities, throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, that are more geographically specific.

Here is how our PASS program works. We organize by what some call chapters, but what we like to call “pods” (inspired by the idiom “we fit together like two peas in a pod”).  Not surprisingly, our pods organically “sprout up” (peas, organic, sprout up… get it?) in school communities.  This is, after all, where our kids spend most of their time, where we tend to spend the most time building community, and in essence the hub of our family’s existence.

A Pod Leader assumes responsibility for identifying parents, educators, and/or other allies within her or his school community who want to be a part of their school community’s Pod.  The Pod Leader will serve as the point-of-contact with Heidi Brewington, Let’s Talk LD’s contact for all things related to Family (Pod) Membership and Outreach.  The Pod Leader will also manage all of the Pod’s business (help coordinate Pod PASS meetings, identify Pod needs, coordinate with other Pods).

A Pod should be no fewer than five (5) people.  Once you have formed your Pod, or if you need help forming a Pod, please contact KD at KD@LetsTalkLD.com.

Each time a member attends a Let’s Talk LD event, they accumulate points, which can be redeemed for rewards and/or recognition.  Pods also accumulate rewards and/or recognition points based on their members’ attendance at Let’s Talk LD events.

Membership entitles you to: reduced-fee, and in special instances, no-fee/”suggested donation” event registration; discounts on Let’s Talk LD merchandise; early registration for some events and programs; access to members-only networking and social events; access to our Let’s Talk LD Online Community of Practice; reduced-fee, and in special instances, no-fee registration for Parent Advocate YoU TM coursework.

If you are in Southern California, and interested in organizing a Pod, please email KD@LetsTalkLD.com or PodMembership@LetsTalkLD.com.