Creating Let’s Talk LD™ is the realization of our dream.   Let’s Talk LD™ is a quintessential Los Angeles organization, by Angelenos, for Angelenos.

We get you, Los Angeles… we know what makes you tick when it comes to educational settings for children with learning differences! We also know the realities of parenting, supporting, and addressing the needs of children with learning differences. We have not only thoughtfully parented, but have also skillfully guided our children’s educational placements in settings to include: homeschooling (K-12), public schools (K-12), college prep schools (K-12), non-public school (K-12), private schools (K-12), private schools serving students with learning differences (K-12), and private colleges and universities. Our collective experience as advocates exceeds over two decades.

We are building a movement. As such, we consider being ‘grassroots’ to be a core value. Everything from how we put our community first, to how we develop our programs, to how we organize… it all starts with YOU!

Our mission is simple: Let’s Talk LD TM exists to serve as a beacon for young people with learning, social communications, and attentional differences, and the caregivers and advocates who support them.  We serve as a Community of Practice for strategically managing knowledge (through knowledge creation and sharing) about best practices for addressing the needs of youth who are neurodevelopmentally diverse.   We recognize that our mission is best realized through the embodiment of core values that center around coalition-building, acceptance, collaboration, transparency, and valuing differences.  We celebrate neurodiversity. Let’s Talk LD envisions a world where youth with learning, social communication, and attentional differences are empowered to release their gifts into the world, create opportunities for themselves, and realize their fullest human potential.  What makes our work different, however, is that we are future-focused.  We are not content to live in the present. In serving our community we hope to plant seeds that bear fruit long after any intervention.  This is why our work in areas such as social-emotional learning (SEL) and strategic college planning is so important.

We are absolutely thrilled and excited by the possibilities! So, we hope that you will help us spread the word about Let’s Talk LD’s work, and join us in building this community organization.

If you would like to be added to the Let’s Talk LD mailing list, please explore our website, and request that you be added to the mailing list on the “Send Us a Note” page. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may find KD’s contact information on the “How to Reach Us” page of this website.

If you are as passionate as we are about championing young people with learning differences and celebrating neurodiversity


P L E A S E   J O I N   U S   !




KD Harris

Co-Founder | Executive Director